Well-known E-commerce Platform Three Dimensional-Deepth Joins Hands with NetEase Yanxuan, Opening the Innovation Mode of E-commerce Time:2018-04-18

Recently, the well-known e-commerce platform "Three Dimensional-Depth Mall" officially announced about joining hands with NetEase Yanxuan, and opened a special zone of “NetEase Yanxuan” on 3Weidu APP (Currently only China domestic users are supported to buy only support Chinese deals.). Consumers can shop selected superior goods of NetEase Yanxuan in 3Weidu APP, and can also enjoy all kinds of discounts on Three Dimensional-Depth platform, which is very cost-effective and users can also enjoy the equivalent services of NetEase Yanxuan.

Three Dimensional-Depth (Shenzhen Three Dimensional-Depth Technology Co.,Ltd., TDD for short) was established in 2012, operating a comprehensive e-commerce platform centered around global shopping --TDD Mall (including the two APP of "3Weidu" and "Fastbuy"). After years of development, TDD has opened up a wide market online and offline at the same time. TDD e-commerce platform adopts block chain technology to provide consumer trading security guarantee, commodity quality tracing, logistics timeliness and other services, to provide partners with services of reliable cross-border payment solutions, cross-border trading negotiations, supply chain financial management and so on.

Nowadays, TDD has become the leader of e-commerce ecology field in parts of overseas area. At present, TDD Mall has attracted many global famous brands to settle in, such as iPhone, Haier, Lenovo, Huawei, Midea, TCL, Jiuyang, Hengyuanxiang, Adidas, Nike, Asics, Mark Huafite, SK-II, Victor etc. Besides NetEase Yanxuan, (currently only supports China domestic users services), its cooperative suppliers also include Sundan, Aisidi, Century WeCool, Unilever, Eternal Asia and other excellent suppliers in the industry. Users can shop global goods on TDD platform without leaving home, through which the users from all over the world can also buy global quality products.

Except for the traditional e-commerce business to customer (C, for short), TDD also focused on the development of business to business (B, for short), committed to provide partners of both C and B end with complete, efficient, cost-saving and one-stop service solutions. TDD built a set of SaaS service system, which is both open and compatible. The platform provides API integration, commodity SKU sharing, joint operation and other forms service for merchants and enterprises of B end. And for overseas C end users, it provides service assurance including logistics, after-sales and others through Fastbuy APP and offline service system. At present, TDD mainly sells Chinese goods abroad, and with the improvement of its overall service system, the high quality goods abroad will also be introduced into domestic. TDD has been trying to build offline service system with partners and provides supporting payment solutions and operation management solutions, to provide secure and efficient systematic overall services.

Through the establishment and perfection of the system, combining with the market demands, when TDD solves the demands of C end users' online shopping, it also solves the shortage of commodity SKU resources, unsoundness of data operation management system, imperfection of logistics service timeliness, poor efficiency of order management system and payment system and other problems for the small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises.And through the developed API interface and data value-added services, it greatly improves the ecological quality of cross-border online shopping industry, reduces the cost of B end users, and brings lower price and higher quality service to the vast number of users of cross-border online shopping.

The person in charge of TDD related business announced that joining hands with NetEase Yanxuan was the beginning of full ecological integration development of TDD e-commerce. For domestic consumers, they can enjoy the preferential treatment of TDD platform, and can also enjoy the same services as the original factory. For overseas consumers, they can not only get the guarantee of goods quality, but also enjoy the original factory intimate services. For example, Fastbuy APP has attracted attention from consumers and industry peers overseas and has partnered with many local e-commerce platforms. In the future, TDD will continue to connect with more third-party e-commerce and Haitao platforms in the global market, and integrate resources to make TDD become the core fulcrum of Internet shopping for users. TDD platform will also continue to play its advantages of sourcing, payment solutions, channels, technology, data, etc., adhere to openness and compatibility, and welcome more platforms to join in the cooperation with TDD, to bring new vitality for the development of the industry together.