Fastybuy: The First Mover on Cambodia Cross-border E-commerce Time:2017-01-08

“Today is B2C’s era 1.0, the era of information platform. But tomorrow, it will be the B2B’s era 2.0, that is Transaction+Finance Era and there will be three models: platform, self-employed and named brand” said Junhao Zhou, the CEO of Three-Dimensional Depth Technology Co. Ltd.(the following called TDD) during an interview.

Since founded, Three-Dimensional Depth Technology Co. Ltd.(TDD) has been adhering to the concept of ‘Internet Life +’, with global shopping and mobile fiance as business core to create a life application-oriented APP integrating internet and life. With 3WEIDU Mall APP, users can easily shop globally. TDD always keeps improving and sets up a good and honest brand image in E-commerce field and customers. Besides, it recently launched Fastbuy in Cambodia, a new Chinese direct-delivery O2O E-commerce App, using its own advantages in payment field to provide a full range of payment products and services for Cambodia market.

The Combination of Offline Store and E-commerce is Time’s Trend and Opportunity

More than a decade development of domestic E-commerce, from nobody-know to everyone-use, it has experienced the whole process of scratch, from generated to powerful. Its development under complicated market is worth us to digging and thinking. With the change of social environment and market, the marketing model of e-commerce industry changes simultaneously. As the competition of market increased, the development of Internet and the fragmentation of information, asymmetric information have led to a breakdown between e-commerce platforms or end-users and product suppliers--many platforms or end-users can not find out the source or the cost is too high in their local procurement process. At the same time, under the press of e-commerce competition and allure of profit, some enterprises embarked on the path of purchasing and selling fake products, which hinders the procurement of e-commerce platforms or end-users.
       With the integration of online and offline, e-commerce enterprises are extending their reach to offline market, while offline stores expand multichannel sales with the benefit of e-commerce and internet platform, thus, a new business model is born.

Fastbuy, the cross-border e-commerce company under Three-Dimensional Depth Technology Co. Ltd. (TDD) of Cambodia, is not the first company to integrate online and offline markets. Before Fastbuy, Amazon and FamilyMart have reached a cooperation--Amazon offers the source and FamilyMart provides users with self pick-up, pay and other services. TMall and C-store reached an agreement -- TMall provides online service and C-store offer the service of self pick-up. This year, Alipay, WeChat payment have basically completed offline stores’ mobile payment program. In this offline market competition, each company’s business model is different: Fastbuy starts from cross-border supply chain, Amazon and TMall from logistics, Alipay and WeChat from payment. For the offline stores, any contact with consumers and any dimension, are exploring the possibility of Internet model.
“This year will be the first year of new business market.” said by a business man of traditional industry.

E-commerce Giant Alliances Offline Store

In the early of internet cross-border e-commerce O2O, all enterprises view the offline store as the first target market. Why?
      Offline convenience store chain is the closest one of business model for consumers. With high adhesiveness of users and consumption frequency, large flow of people, it easily becomes a consumption habit of users. Convenience stores are located densely, covering a wide range. Besides, as it is a chain business model, it will be repeatable quickly once succeed in one store.
      Even though convenience stores have strong viability, there is still a defect: one single store has small room and can only present a few products or sources. Therefore, to expand its present ability through e-commerce platform is the biggest benefit in the eye of convenience store. One party wants to expand business to offline market, the other party desires to obtain the whole channels of retail, which makes them be The Best partners
      For the payment section, most of offline stores have cooperated with Alipay and WeChat payment from last year. “We have a good knowledge of payment section. In the future, the cash payment will be reduced greatly” one marketing manager said. In payment section, it is necessary to provide more possible choices for users.
       Different from online companies, offline stores attempt to cooperate with internet companies but not only one certain company in trade chains, such as presentation, sales, payment, receiving and so on. As the first year of new business model, we suddenly realize that consumers are not the same as before, neither do current market. All offline enterprises are considering how to adjust their own business models and management strategies. In terms of convenience stores, though they have strong viability, we still can see more imagination through some internet technology and channels.
      “Convenience” is the core competitiveness of offline convenience stores. Nowadays, e-commerce platform and internet companies develop rapidly, convenient consume-service provided by offline stores should go further so can be more convenient for customers.
      It is just the start for cooperation between e-commerce and offline stores. The Chief Logistics Planner of TDD said, TDD will make out a customized model based on the characteristics of each retail business. Except for convenience stores, we also consider to design customized models for cake stores, drugstores, clothing stores and building material chain stores, which will be launched centrally in the future after experiment.
      Shopping on WeChat has expanded in department stores, clothing field and other industries, which offers the shopping platform by official accounts.
      As to the cooperation model in offline stores, TDD gains profit from the transaction commission, but in the future, the profit will also come from the fee of system reformation and delivery. Cooperating with Alipay, offline stores need pay some fee for service, but in promotion period, Alipay will offer some discounts.

Start from points, implementing with “parallel&vertical”two strategies

Three-Dimensional Depth Technology Co. Ltd. takes advantage of own resources to offer users with the best shopping experience. Currently, Internet puts the big data on cloud and provides cloud computing ability for big data processing. With internet technology, they have scale effects on data absorption and processing, which allows them to make a big enough cake with their own limited sources, therefore, B2C integrated service business is not an unreachable dream.
      Currently Three-Dimensional Depth Technology Co.Ltd has launched offline self-employed store, cross-border e-commerce fastbuy in Cambodia, payment solutions and other services, coming into being an integrated service chain including product procurement, payment, sales and others. Supported by great professional background and technology, TDD guarantees quality service from platform operation to sales service, that is its outstanding advantage. It will take good use of our e-commerce advantage to bring the world’s quality products to Cambodia local market. In order to achieve the interaction between online malls and offline physical stores, interaction between online customers and offline ones, TDD will also offer good and considerable O2O integrated sale platform with its payment advantage for Cambodia users, that is “Online Combines Offline, Promoting and Driving” sales model. At the same time, it can provide promotion, sales, payment settlement and other means to achieve the interaction between online platform and merchants and the integrated service of sales, ordering processing and delivery. The aim of above is to improve merchants operational efficiency and users logistics experience, being a seamless combination of online and offline, so consumers can enjoy our products and service more convenient, personalized and omnichannel.