Vietnam and Malaysian branch of Three-dimensions will be opened soon Time:2017-11-14

        At the time when the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China was held successfully, it was informed from Three-dimensional Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen. (hereinafter referred to as the "Three dimensions") that the Vietnam and Malaysian branch have been opened recently.

        The CEO of Three dimensions Mr. Raymond Zhou(Chinese name:Zhou junhao) said, the Vietnam branch was based in Ho Chi Ming City. They have applied the third-party payment qualifications to the Vietnamese government while their cross-border e-commerce business started. Another branch office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It also has started to cooperate with third-party payment agencies and banks as well as applied the Malaysian payment qualifications. These two branches are doing two business patterns (B2B and B2C) in order to expand the market share in two countries. B2B pattern provides goods mainly Chinese commodity and comprehensive service of payment solutions for local people ,and B2C is that the native can choose and buy what they like through the international APP ”Fastbuy” directly.

        In order to settle the payment and local logistics problems, the Cambodian branch has a good cooperation with local banks and logistics companies and become one of their shareholders separately . Moreover, a pre-order machine is placed in the offline store to accord with native consumer habits as well as improve their shopping experience. From the market feedback, it is clearly known that more and more merchants are eager for joining in the online retail APP—Fastbuy to expand their businesses. Furthermore, Three dimensions is actively trying to carry out multiple forms such as API docking, SKU sharing, joint operations with various e-commerce platforms. Now, the registered user number of Fastbuy has increased rapidly which is over 100,000. From the sales data, the best sellers are digital electronic goods and small household appliances; it also has an obvious upward trend on the sales of cosmetics, clothing and shoes, bags . It is reported that the company is considering to build a rotating house in Phnom Penh.

        As our CEO Mr. Raymond Zhou says, Three Dimensional Depth (TDD) overseas branches which have been established one after another indicate overall acceleration of TDD in overseas markets. TDD SaaS Services Platform ,which took six years to set up and have completed its test and verification through the Southeast Asian markets, has been qualificated to be deployed globally.

        As China enters a new era, TDD has the ability to solve the payment and cross-border e-commerce. Payment is an important part of trading, while trading focus on solving the problem of commodity information and sales services. TDD SaaS Service Platform is a comprehensive service platform with strong openness and compatibility. For example, facing the B (Business ) market, it can provide various services such as API docking, SKU sharing, joint operation and other forms of servces.

        For the overseas C (consumer) market of end users, the services including logistics and after-sales services are provided through the Fastbuy APP and offline service system.

        At present, TDD mainly sells Chinese goods abroad; For the next step , with the improvement of the overall TDD service system , foreign high-quality goods will also be introduced into China.

        TDD has already been trying to build an offline service system with partners and solve the payment and settlement currency issues to provide a safe, efficient and systematic overall service.

        The rapid development of Chinese economy leads the whole nation into a new era, which means many Chinese internet enterprises will get more opportunities and government support in many aspects. It is a challenge and chance for one country that it becomes more stronger and powerful, which provides more freedom for enterprises especially those in internet industry to help them develop globally.